Dongwon Wasabi Seaweed 21.6g (8X2.7g)

Dongwon Wasabi Seaweed 21.6g (8X2.7g)

What is it?

Laver(Seaweed) is a healthy vegetable from the sea. “Kimmy” is a brand-new healthy seasoned laver snack. This product’s name, “Kimmy”, is named from the Korean word “Kim” meaning “laver”. “Kimmy” is made of the finest Korean seaweed. Healthy Snack for Kids, Enjoy with Beer, Eat with Cooked Rice, California Roll with your favorite ingredients, Furikake (Topping), Fake Moustache or Whiskers for Fun. Seasoned laver is excellent food because of its nutritional values. Seaweed is low in cholesterol and a good source of Vitamin B5 : Beneficial for reducing cholesterol, Rheumatoid arthritis and Acne. Dried or roasted seaweed/laver also contains Magnesium, Vitamin 1 and Iron which are essential for preventing diabetes and heart attacks.

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