Paldo Instant Cold Noodles Bibim Myeon 130g

Paldo Instant Cold Noodles Bibim Myeon 130g

What is it?

Paldo Bibim Myeon is a brand of brothless ramyeon (ramen) with sweet and spicy seasoning sauce to mix with noodles, produced by Korea Yakult PalDo (팔도) since 1984. It is the oldest brothless ramyeon in Korea. In 2013, Paldo bibim men was the tenth-ranked for ramyeon sales in South Korea, with revenues of 47 billion won that year. Paldo bibim noodles are cooked in hot water, rinsed in cold water and rubbed with the sauce.


How to cook?

1. Put the noodle & enclosed sachet into the boiling water(550cc).

2. Leave it for 3~4 min.

3. Remove the noodle from boiling water.

4. Wash noodle in cold water 2~3 times.

5. Mix noodle with paste soup well and ready to serve.

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